#FearlesslyLivingFriday- You Say

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#FearlesslyLivingFriday- You Say

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Fearless Living Friday- You Say

Philippians 4:13

I can do all this through him who gives me strength

This week Kim chose “You Say” by Lauren Dangle

Take some time and let the words wash over you and praise God that He has strengthened us and said such wonderful things about us!

When you read today’s verse, do you believe it? Do you believe that you can do all this through Him who gives you strength? For me, I have that verse memorized and recite it when times are easy but I forgot about it when times are difficult. When I feel the world telling me I am not enough or that I cannot do something, I forget that if God calls me to do something, I can do it through His strength. In times of trouble, I am learning to not see myself the way the world does, but how God does. It is not how we value ourselves, but rather, how God values us. In a world of social media and so many other things, it is important to remind ourselves that our value comes from our Lord.

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