5 Ways Encouraging Others Transforms You

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5 Ways Encouraging Others Transforms You

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5 Ways Encouraging Others TRANSFORMS YOU

Transforming from the Inside OUT

By Dr. Autumn Hanson

5 Ways Encouraging Others Transforms You


It is a hot topic to learn how to ‘transform our lives’. We are constantly hearing about “be your best you!” As a physical therapist, I can understand and appreciate the desire for physical transformation in which most people seek out a diet or a boot camp. However, the best kind of transformation happens from within and radiates outward. To achieve the most impactful, long lasting, life-altering transformation we really desire, it must effect our hearts. Continually seeking a deeper relationship with Christ is the ultimate way to transform your heart, but it still takes active participation on our part. Though God can do a major overhaul on the depths of our soul, he needs a heart open to change. 


Last week, we discussed how encouraging others can change their world! This week, I want to remind you that encouraging others can also change your world! When you implement the habit of becoming an encourager, you too will feel encouraged by the subtle changes in your life, which Christ can use to shake out the stale areas of your heart. Curious about the small, but impactful changes that can occur when you are the encourager? Then, read on!


Encouraging others will:


  1. Improve the Environment Around You. Due to the automaticity that takes place when intentional living falls to the wayside, our everyday environments can certainly lack the sparkle we desire. Looking for opportunities to encourage others in the work place or in your home can return the dazzle in your day! It can also change the tone, once heavy with negativity, now breezy with unexpected pick-me up opportunities.
  2. Deepen your relationships. Encouraging others forces you to look for positive attributes in family, friends, and coworkers. The more you notice them, the less you notice their negative tendencies. Phew! What a blessing to be able to love those around us like God loves us. He may notice our shortcomings, but he doesn’t focus on them. Research has been conducted to determine the Ideal Praise-to-Criticism-Ratio. The general rule when interacting with other adults, whether it be coworkers, your spouse or friends suggests that for every negative comment or correction you provide 6 positive affirmations. The teams who were best at implementing this rule, were the most successful and highest performing. After all, “Only positive feedback can motivate people to continue doing what they’re doing well, and do it with more vigor, determination, and creativity” (https://hbr.org/2013/03/the-ideal-praise-to-criticism). Keeping this rule would in mind through out your day might be just the encouragement you need to encourage others. Think of all the positivity the world would gain!
  3. Keeps You Motivated. Due to the way our society has evolved, there can be less diversity in our day. Before, it was necessary to be ‘jack of all trades’, because success for your family depended on it. However, now, our role in society is usually more specific and often contains us to a similar routine and tasks day in and day out. Therefore, you must be diligent about engaging with the world in a new, exciting way each day. Finding new ways to encourage and give within your routines can motivate you when the mundane doesn’t. 
  4. Helps you Focus on The Positive in the World. Our mind needs distraction from focusing on the negative; it was wired to do so for survival purposes. However, we now find ourselves in a different situation than our ancestors. The more we allow things to bug us, the more frustrated and overwhelmed we will feel in environments that we are required to spend a lot of time in. These frustrations will distract us from carrying out our mission and enjoying our passions on earth. Improve the environment around you with uplifting word!
  5. Create more joy and improve overall health. Giving, encouraging, and focusing on positivity in the world promotes secretion of the Happiness Trifecta neurochemicals, three chemicals (dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin) in the body that increase happiness (https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/vitality/201404/the-neuroscience-giving). Keep a broad perspective of what giving and encouraging can look like. Random acts of kindness, helping a friend, a thoughtful comment, or small gesture can be some of the most beneficial ways to spread encouragement and positivity. Be creative, because the more unique and personal your words and actions are, the more they can reach the heart and souls of others. 

“Random acts of kindness, helping a friend, a thoughtful comment, or small gesture can be some of the most beneficial ways to spread encouragement and positivitiy. Be creative…”

Sharing kindness through encouragement is a wonderful way to change your world-and for those around you! We would love to hear how you chose to interact with others in an impactful way this week. Share on our instagram @thefearless5 or in the comments below! Feel inspired to change the world in a small, but truly meaningful way this week!

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