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Our Story

The Fearless Five is a combination of a family of 5 Fearlessly Women: Dr. Kim Costello, Candice Lindsey, Dr. Ashlee Orozco, Dr. Autumn Hanson, and Allie Scruggs. While working in the mental health, medical, and law enforcement fields, we have seen the brokenness and heard the cries of humankind first hand. Our hearts began to feel heavy with the burden of their pain and the restrictions our careers placed on our ability to touch peoples’ hearts with love, prayer support, and resources in their most vulnerable moments. When we gathered as a family, our discussions always seemed to funnel towards a common question, “What more can we do for those that have graced our path?”

With each of our individualized emphasis on mind, body, and spirit, we began to see the power of our combined abilities to help people heal wholly and completely. God has provided us with a strong support system within our family to allow us to fearless go and be God’s hands and feet, heart, and soul that people are yearning for. Families are messy and complicated and while we have those same traits tangled into ours, we see that the more we focused on serving others, the closer we felt to each other and our purpose in life. We feel compelled to combine our unique talents to empower others into a life of passion, rooted in Christ Jesus.

Our Fearless Vision, Mission, and Goals

Meet The Fearless 5

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